Collection AVEC on the record label Cypres is the fruit of the meeting of the creative worlds of the composer Pierre-Adrien Charpy, the soprano Raphaële Kennedy and the photographer and video artist Isabelle Françaix; it develops a collaboration in which music and image express themselves in a common space that encourages metamorphosis. It enables new creations to live alongside Early Music and folk music: interlacing textures, stratifying memory, dialoguing between different artistic disciplines. Collection Avec opens up new ways of listening, taking the listener off the beaten track, sign-posted by Didier Lamare‘s words. The Belgian record label Cypres crosses many frontiers around the shared dream of three French artists and a raconteur.

At this time when the CD object disappears for the benefit of the only sound object, directly accessible by the internet, new collection AVECypres tries an alternative that would be the squaring of the circle : to insert a musical proposal – particularly plentiful in this particular case – in a beam of artistic objects in intimate connection with the central proposal and wholly or partly accessible via the universal cloud themselves.
La Libre Culture, Martine D. Mergeay, 2017


Pierre-Adrien Charpy
two-CD set Sillages
Raphaële Kennedy | Duo Anthony Leroy & Sandra Moubarak | Thomas Keck | Marylise Florid | Anaïs Gaudemard | Solistes XXI, conducting Rachid Safir | Moussa Héma | DA PACEM : Sylvie Moquet, Yannick Varlet, Pierre-Adrien Charpy | Isabelle Françaix, photographs | Didier Lamare, booklet notes

Some sorts of music can sound like delicate lithographs, others like large frescoes. The pieces presented in the first volume of this album belong to the composer’s collection of jewellery, his etchings, his small-scale works with the delicate wash of the watercolour or the precise impasto of the paintbrush. The second volume unfurls in one breath a concert-work which is nothing less than a panorama painted on fresh plaster, depicting an almost hallucinatory voyage in which the listener is invited to dance just as much as to meditate. This hour of music, a sequence of baroque, contemporary and traditional music, forms an innovative opening to the music of our time, into which some will venture who would otherwise never have dared.
Didier Lamare

His is an organic multifaceted music, through which run visible strata and unsuspected crevices, enlivened by surface currents and subterranean flows. […] His music is that of today, neither modern nor post-modern – often a music of the sea, always of open spaces, of zoom and of wide-angle, of sensations, of emotions. And his composition is free from the dogmas […].
Didier Lamare, 2017

The album is as much a success on visual plan – signed Isabelle Françaix for photos and Luc Van de Velde for the graphic design – than on the literary level, thanks to Didier Lamare’s captivating texts (which are not without humour), which lead the reader through a program […] of an outstanding richness and diversity. In the middle of it, French Pierre-Adrien Charpy, […] a prolific, imaginative and free composer, whose every work here presented is the fruits of a specific alliance and, therefore, a particular inspiration. At the top, those which make the close connection to his partner […] the soprano Raphaële Kennedy.
La Libre Culture, Martine D. Mergeay, 2017

At the beginning, a long and winding tune for Raphaële Kennedy’s voice […]! We can hear the bodies abandon over the sensual breath of the soprano, over rhythmic stubbornness and hanging twinkle percussions, over the surf of the sea… […] vast sound world imagined, between 2001 and 2015, by one so major as talented composer […]! In « Sillages », one can discover sound dialogues mixing traditional textures and electronics. It is an invitation to travel towards so familiar land as incredible […]. They are metis pieces, imbued with sensuality and light, lively, powerful and voluptuous, which reflect Pierre-Adrien Charpy’s opening to historic, geographical and stylistic worlds.
Zibeline, Jacques Freschel, 2017

Pierre-Adrien Charpy, […] escaped from chapels, [is] focused on the essentials : to breathe, to feel, to transmit. From Marseille, he is a solar and marine musician. The photographs illustrating the digipack testify of this deep water and iridescent lights universe, which it is easy to identify in most of his pieces. Intellectual, that is knowledge is not a shame for him, sometimes mystic, he discreetly uses in his work the accumulated strata of Western culture […].
Valeurs Actuelles, Lionel Lestang, 2017

At the composer Pierre-Adrien Charpy, there is […] a whole memory of the music which appears […] : it is the density of a rich sound layer, fed in depth on past in modernity’s present.
Le blog-note de Benito on radio dialogue RCF, Benito Pelegrín, 2017

Isabelle Françaix 
Movie Vivante morte éblouie 
Raphaële Kennedy | Isabelle Françaix, image | Pierre-Adrien Charpy, music | David Lefeber, sound | Hervé Alexandre – Matsylie Productions

A woman repossesses one’s image by giving way to love. At the heart of intimacy, two beings discover by getting closer the liberty which connects them to the beating of the world. Why don’t we just find the simple, obvious and wild beauty of our humanity?

[…] outstanding and bright […]. Everything is light, body, nature and voice there.
La Libre Culture, Martine D. Mergeay, 2017


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